Marc Pitzke, a staff writer at the German news organization Spiegel, gave “media spin” a whole new dimension on Tuesday by making a highly spurious claim that the US, in particular its government, was in “open revolt”.

He started off his bias-filled piece with the following pronouncement: “Die offene Revolte hat begonnen” (the open revolt has begun”).

Then he went on to say this:

In der Tat ist Yates’ Widerstand kein Einzelfall mehr. Auch im verwaisten US-Außenministerium, offenbar auch im Pentagon und anderswo im Apparat wächst die Gegenwehr gegen das atemberaubende Wirrwarr aus Erlassen, Eklats und Empörung, das Trumps Amtsbeginn prägte. Und auch diesen Dissidenten wurde prompt mit Entlassung gedroht, von der Kanzel des Weißen Hauses herab.

Wer da am Ende siegen wird, weiß keiner. Fest steht: Das etablierte Washington hat eine offene Revolte gegen Trump begonnen.

Indeed, Yates’ opposition is, by no means, an isolated case. The resistance to the breath-taking helter-skelter caused by Trump’s early days in office is also on the rise in the hobbled State Department, as well as in the Pentagon and elsewhere in the government. And these dissidents were also promptly threatened with dismissal from the White House’s (bully) pulpit.

Who shall prevail at the end, no one knows. One thing is clear, though: the Washington  establishment has begun an open revolt against Trump.

In reality, this could not be farther from the truth as most Republicans stayed true to Mr. Trump throughout the fallout that came out of the highly controversial travel ban that Mr. Trump signed into law last Friday.

There is not much sign of rebellion in the Republican ranks at present, and given that Democrats are out of power in all of the three branches of government, they currently pose no serious threat to Mr. Trump, meaning that his position, despite mass protests, is quite secure for the nonce.

Although, that may all change if Mr. Trump continues to antagonize the liberals and the leftists.