One, in this day and age, hears it said, many a time and oft, that the West is right and the East is wrong, whereas in reality there is no right and wrong, there is only this web of mistakes and misunderstandings that is the Russia-West relationship.

I could sit here and say that the West promised the East, after the collapse of the Warsaw pact, that NATO won’t move an inch eastwards, but it did, time and time again.

I could tell you, as well, that the Russian Federation made a few mistakes of its own in trying to suck up to the West, mainly the US, in the early and mid-2000s, at a time when the Republicans were in power and had no inclination to have any sort of dealings with the Russians.

It is also clear to me that Russia made quite a few blunders in the late 2000s like letting itself get dragged into a war in Georgia…

And then there was Ukraine, and Crimea, and Syria…

And what is next? Nuclear Apocalypse?!

Now, I am not being paranoid here, I am just pointing out the very probable worst case scenario, that is, if both countries don’t come to their senses soon enough.

The level of hostility between Russia and the US is mind-boggling to me… I haven’t seen anything like that in my life before. And both countries seem to be focusing all of their efforts and attention on the wrong things.

For example, until very recently the top US officials thought that isolating Russia would make it more timid. They thought that plenty of good could come from imposing economic sanctions on Russia. They thought that if they just destabilize Russia a little bit, create a bit of a sense of paranoia and panic within Russian society that that will somehow make Russia more predictable and less likely to go and do crazy things… you know they just thought that by making Russians angrier, more paranoid and more riled up they could make them “calm down” a wee bit… yeah.

You know what, I bet you a thousand, dear reader, that if the Americans used the carrot instead of the stick, at a time when the Russian economy was in serious trouble, they would have probably gotten a calmer, more docile Russia focused on taking care of its citizens instead of going about and wreaking havoc all over the world. But no, no such luck, not for this little pony… it gets the stick (right between its eyes) every single time; such is its fate.

Now the analogy that I like to make, at this point, is the following: In Jack London’s the Call of the Wild, there is a scene where our canine protagonist, Buck, gets kidnapped from his manor and is taken to a “boarding establishment” for dogs where, after he gets a thorough beating, he submits to his new master. And while Buck resides at the afore-mentioned “boarding establishment” for dogs he sees other dogs come and go, he sees them either take a beating and submit, submit without even taking a beating or never submit and die from a beating.

And guess what?! Russia is that “dog” that would rather die than submit and have its beating stop.

But the Americans still believe that it is not that kind of a dog, they still think that if they strike just hard enough Russia will roll over for them.

I guess they figure that Russia is not going to roll over for them without putting up one hell of a fight first. But they are wrong. Russia is not going to roll over for them, period.

This is a great misunderstanding that is just bound to lead to something highly pleasant and extremely destructive. I just wish the Americans could understand this, and stop all this foolishness.